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Kenny Chesneys Get Along Video

No Shoes Nation-Adoring Video Hits Everywhere Today

Nashville, Tenn. -- Kenny Chesney knew why he wanted “Get Along” as the first single from his deeply personal Songs for the Saints, coming July 27. Beyond the feel-good lope to its groove, the message of inclusion instead of rancor resonated in the wake of too much news overload, screaming talking heads and a world seemingly intent on the differences instead of coming together. He knew, too, there was no better way to show that notion of inclusion in action than through his own No Shoes Nation, a country without borders filled with all kinds of people determined to enjoy the moment. So beyond kicking off his Trip Around The Sun Tour at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, Chesney wanted to capture the fun, friendship, laughter and good times that have been bringing his fans together for years. “The whole point of the song is to look for your common ground instead of worrying about your differences,” Chesney explains. “And when I look out into the crowd, that’s what I see: people who are having a great time, getting along and making the most of every single minute.” Mostly documentary from the parking lots, the stands, the sand bar and the stage, the Shaun Silva directed clip has the same euphoria and spirit that marks the song. Beyond Chesney’s signature high energy performance, there’s a solo turn on an Engel cooler, a low impact group jam from rehearsal, a heroic take on “Get Along” from the Buccaneers pirate ship and an impromptu run through the song on a pontoon boat in the middle of one of the lots. “It takes a lot to try to keep up with the No Shoes Nation,” Chesney admits. “With their rolling Tiki Bars, tons of sand, Blue Chair Bay cocktails and wading pools. They have as much fun waiting to get into the show as they do at the concerts, and I love that! I wanted this video to be a mix of how their world works and the way their passion inspires all of us up onstage. “It made for a couple long days, doing a video the same time we were starting a tour…But I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world!” With Chesney playing to record crowds at most of his stadium shows, “Get Along” is already Top 10 and climbing on Billboard and MediaBase charts. Described by the 8-time Entertainer of the Year as “a song for times like these from an album about the places that save you,” this song sets the tone for an album about hope in the hard places, acceptance of what is and the resilience to rise up and make your way no matter what’s in front of you.

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