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Long Cut Takes Us Down a Country Road

The new age of Country music allows for many new personalities and many new sounds that aren't necessarily the "three chords and the truth" sound, and "hick hop" duo Bryan Thomas and JT Adams are taking full advantage. Their country rap group "Long Cut" was not established overnight, it took nearly two years before everything fell into place and ever since, they haven't looked back. Long Cut has already recorded 12 songs including their new single, "Country Roads," which displays their blend of backwoods country and big city rhymes.

The single's lyrics are very versatile because realistically, they could be used in many country songs. The way that Thomas and Adams perform this song by rapping is what makes Long Cut's sound very unique from others. "Country Roads" speaks living the simple life by cornfields and corner stores and driving on the back roads in a truck. There's no doubt that "Country Roads" will have fans on their feet during their upcoming shows.

Long Cut is creating their own version of country music and is very unapologetic about it. In joint effort, Bryan Thomas and JT Adams have created a new breed of country music that will add yet another sub-genre to the Nashville sound. Follow the "hick hop" duo on Instagram and Twitter @longcutofficial.

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