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Krysten Simone Produces a Bright Future with Debut Release 'I Will'

Nashville based, Krysten Simone is a singer/songwriter and producer born in Chicago, IL. With her debut release, "I Will", Krysten creates music that evokes all of your emotions.

"For me "I Will" is kind of my first real leap of faith. It’s the first single I’ve put out since graduation and my first single under a management deal. I’m use to doing everything myself, and I’ve struggled with trusting other people with my music, myself as a producer, and my calling from God as an artist. This is me trusting the process and going for what I know I was put on this earth to do. My goal for this single was to make a record that captured your attention during the verses and during the choruses." explains Krysten. "A lot of the time I find myself listening to records that have great choruses but the verses feel like they’re just there for timing, and more of a break from the chorus, not having as much purpose.I wanted the whole song to be captivating, not just the choruses. “I Will”, plays out a situation between two people who care deeply about each other, but things aren’t working, so instead of letting it all go, you take charge and fight for what you love. While the topic isn’t very cheery I still wanted this record to be exciting; something you could play with the windows down in the car, with your friends!"

Simone began singing, songwriting, and producing at a young age. She created and recorded various projects on Garage Band, until she ultimately gained enough skill to become proficient in Logic Pro, where she now produces and writes all of her own music.

"I grew up to my father playing music over the speakers around the house all the time, that's how I found out I could sing, it was by singing along to my parents music like The Beatles and Earth Wind And Fire. I was also in a girl group with some friends growing up, which really trained my ear! The girl group changed my perspective about music as a career, I started taking it seriously as my passion and final career choice; this all happened around my high school years.That environment made me feel like my crazy dream wasn't crazy and it was in-fact inevitable, given that I kept working my ass off for it."

As months progress, Krysten will be gearing up for future plans. If you'd like to learn more about Krysten, please visit her Facebook page.

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