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Justin Kemp Band Releases New Single Steppin Stone

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 21, 2018) - Justin Kemp Band releases new single “Steppin’ Stone” with newly signed label, Heart Songs Records. With CMA Fest quickly approaching, “Steppin’ Stone” was chosen to be the theme song for "Be A Match" Organization who works with City of Hope. Heart Songs artist, Justin Kemp will be performing The Valentine on Thursday, June 7th at 3pm during CMA Fest Week along with other various locations including Piranhas, BB Kings and The Stillery June 7th - June 9th.

Steppin' Stone was composed by Justin Kemp and the lyrics were written by David Kemp. They were approached by the Be A Match organization which matches donors to cancer patients for progressive treatments. They asked Justin to write a song that they could use for their program. David said he was inspired to write a song from the cancer patients perspective. They had heard about a local boy Pierce aka "Fierce Pierce" and David said the lyrics flowed without hesitation. Justin says "Who doesn't know someone who has been hurt, touched and angered by cancer. To be able to help in any way especially with our music is an honor." Justin and David tell the story of the cancer patient shedding light on their bravery and the hope & faith they are surviving on until they find their donor match.

"Hello my name’s Pierce, let me tell you bout my life Right now I’m only three years old, real soon I’ll be five Mom says I'm a fighter, and my dad says I'm real tough Makes sense cause I'm a ninja, and I'm strong, and fast, and stuff I used my ninja powers to sneak out of bed one night I heard the doctor tell mom and dad that I could win the fight Well hey you silly doctor, I'm a ninja after all Just find someone to Be My Match and I'll never take a fall Are you compatible with the stuff down in my bones Can you help me get over this Steppin’ Stone"

Then they introduce you to Sara, a teenager who is cognizant of her fragile future.

"Hello my name’s Sara, can I tell you about me This year I finished high school, was the homecoming queen All my crazy friends shaved their heads for the senior prom And we went there in a limousine thanks to their dads and moms I'm gonna go to college, I'm gonna be a nurse I'm gonna find my soulmate and get married in a church I’m gonna raise a family, there's just one little catch I’ve gotta hurry up and find someone to Be My Match"

Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, Justin would always listen to his dad sing and play country music and watch him play bass, acoustic guitar, and piano in church on Sunday mornings. He was also heavily influenced by his very supportive aunt and uncle, Sherman and Tammy Aten of Aten Ministries, who are very successful evangelical musicians. Listen to '"Steppin' Stone" Here

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