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Billy Bob's Texas Makes USA Today's 10 Best List of Why Fort Worth is Visit Worthy

Fort Worth, Texas – The world’s largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s IS Texas. It’s the home of big-name concerts, bull riding and chicken fried steak with a reputation as gigantic as the state itself. Billy Bob’s is a must-visit when you’re in Fort Worth. For a nominal entry fee, you can check out the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest belt buckle (at the time), take a free line dancing lesson on Thursday nights and snap a photo in front of the Wall of Fame, where everyone from Loretta Lynn to Blake Shelton has been signing their handprints for more than two decades. Or, hygiene be damned, you can join the fans who have left their own lip prints in return, bless their hearts. - Lois Alter Mark Check out the rest of the list here: For more information, visit or call 817-624-7117.

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