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Nefesh Mountain "Narrow Bridge" Review

Truly unique in both the world of Jewish music and country/bluegrass, husband and wife duo Eric Lindberg and Doni Zosloff of Nefesh Mountain have created a very distinct sound filled with hope and joy through traditional bluegrass instruments and their undeniable voices. The duo has just released their first single, "Narrow Bridge" from their second full-length record "Beneath the Open Sky."

This single was recently featured on Rolling Stone Country's Top Ten Song of the Week and sings about resilience and reassurance through troubled times. Nefesh Mountain's Jewish heritage is shown in some of the lyric's which is sang in Hebrew, adding a unique twist to the couple's music. Lindberg says they do this to "celebrate our heritage and history." The music video for " Narrow Bridge" was released just four weeks ago and features the duo in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains with snow all around them, contributing to the isolated setting.

Nefesh Mountain and their unique persona is revamping Bluegrass music and their unapologetic individuality is certainly a trait that many other artists could use today. Nefesh Mountain will be traveling throughout the summer to venues all over the country, including tour dates in Los Angeles, California , Aspen, Colorado, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow the duo's journey on and on social media @nefeshmountain.

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