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Jazz Cartier Releases New Single Godflower

May 18, 2018 – Hollywood – Today, Juno Award-winning critically acclaimed rapper Jazz Cartiershares his new single “GODFLOWER.” It’s available at all digital retailers via Universal Music Canada/Capitol Records.

Get it HERE.

Speaking to his panoramic vision, an intriguing concept drives the record. He comments, “The driving force of Fleurever is duality—whether it’s battling the balances of love and money, risks and rewards, right and wrong, or living and dying. I shed a lot of old layers in order to grow new wings.”

A tastemaker favorite, XXL placed him at #1 on its “Canadian Artists You Should Know,” Noiseycrowned him, “one of the leaders of a new wave of hip-hop,” and Billboard wrote, “Jazz Cartierreigns from the Canadian capital.” In a review of “How Did I Get This Deep?”, Pitchfork claimed,“Jazz Cartier has been tipped as the next big rapper out of Toronto, and if the lead single from his forthcoming Fleurever mixtape offers any indication, he may have finally arrived.

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