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Review: (EP) Pickleback Shines with Trouble on Ice

Southern California country/southern rock band Pickleback Shine has their eyes set on stardom and with the release of their debut album Trouble on Ice, stardom may come quicker than expected. This band features a variety of different voices that blend together perfectly, making them very unique and dynamic all at the same time. Lead singer Justin Boudreaux’s smooth Louisiana drawl integrates well with Hilary Seleb’s gospel roots and Jason Soderlund’s rigid R&B tone. Two songs on this debut album that really exemplify this unique texture is ‘Chase Away the Morning’ and ‘When the Morning Comes.’

These two songs are just a small sample of Pickleback Shine’s abilities and potential. This band’s sound and charisma is a huge advantage to them and there’s no question about it that they have what it takes to soar well above their goals and expectations for themselves.

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