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Austin Alexander debuts Snapshot

From being heavily involved in the choir as a child, to cutting his teeth in Texas bars, singer/songwriter Austin Alexander Yount has never been a stranger to the stage. The San Antonio native grew up in a very musically prominent home and has spent most of his life chasing stardom. After moving to Nashville in the summer of 2016, Alexander Yount has been writing, recording and promoting his brand of music all over Music City. His debut EP "Snapshot" has recently been released and each track has a very unique touch to them.

He tells Music Update Central, "This project has kind of been my baby. Most of my previous music has been made with a band which I love doing, but what's kind of cool is that all these songs are songs that I wrote, they're songs that I got to have a hands-on process with, as far as developing the sound, and my producer and myself worked together to craft what I was trying to get the record to sound like. It's been very gratifying for the most part to see people responding positively to it and playing it live. It has been very fulfilling.

Alexander Yount's emotions are understandable, considering he raised money for this album through Kickstarter. "I did crowd funding and the campaign only went for about a month but during that time, we raised a lot of money and what was cool was that I just had a lot of people that I felt like were invested into the album and once it was out, lots of people were interested in it and were listening to it and I could sense a positive response."

The rest of 2018 will be very busy for Alexander Yount, as he will be working on new music to release within the next year. He will also be performing all over Nashville, booking as many ride-arounds and individual gigs.

Visit to follow his journey.

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