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Travis Rice 'Always Have Mexico' Exclusive Premiere

For Tennessee native Travis Rice, music was always something that came naturally to him. He was an avid music listener and even wrote his own lyrics and poems, but it wasn't until high school that he picked up an instrument. His thrill seeking and risk taking personality swayed him to pick up the guitar to impress his female peers. Since then, Rice has migrated to Nashville where he has recorded many singles and even became a member of an elite, and very prestigious group; "Top 10 Sexy Men of Nashville." This rising country star has just released single "Always Have Mexico."

This song's release date of May 18th 2018 is just in time for summer, as it depicts a summer vacation fling in Mexico. It describes the carefree relationship of two people who quickly grow feelings for each other and don't mind that they could not possibly last after their Mexican getaway concluded. This is just one of many songs that Rice really displays his emotions well. While listening to the song I found myself caught in the fantasy of the warm sandy beaches and a the sun on my face, he really captured the flavor of the geography and the romance of the story in his lyrics.

Although you may not have heard the name Travis Rice just yet, you cannot deny the talent that he possesses and this song is a proof of that. With bold vocals and a rugged allure, this Tennessee native has shared the stage with Colt Ford, Craig Morgan, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, among others. He has been receiving positive feedback since his debut release in 2016, Women, Water and Beer. This upbeat country-rooted song earned him the DisCovery Award from renowned music critic Robert K. Oermann and “…the next big male country star in country music” from Digital Journal. With real emotion embedded in his songs, Rice is destined to remind fans and performers why we all love and connect with country music.

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