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Trent Harmon Opens Up to Music Update Central

Big Machine recording artist – and American Idol alum Trent Harmon recalls that one of his earliest working experiences– at The Longhorn Fish and Steakhouse, his family’s restaurant in Armory, Mississippi - helped shape him, and prepare him for life – and career.

“I worked there until I had to leave home to go to Los Angeles to go to Idol,” he told Music Update Central. “If nothing else, I learned about staying on a schedule, showing up on time and doing a good job. Those are simple things, but those are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Serving the public is something that every human should have to do for a little bit. It really puts things in perspective. I waited tables for the better part of ten years. I feel like that really helped me a lot doing different parts of my career now. That job provided many of the building blocks of different fundamentals that I’ll carry with me forever.”

So, did Trent ever mess up an order? “Never. Not in ten years,” he says with a laugh. “Heck, yeah. I was a good waiter, but I was definitely not flawless. Plus, the fact that my parents owned the restaurant meant I got fired every weekend or worked for free. I screwed up plenty.”

Harmon is definitely hitting the right notes these days with his powerful ballad, “You Got ‘Em All,” which is rising on the Billboard Country Songs chart. The track serves as the title cut from his full-length debut album, which hits stores on May 18. One track that people will no doubt be familiar with from his Idol days is “Champagne.” Harmon says that fans have been wanting to hear some of the older songs, so this should please many of his following.

“It’s a singer’s song. I had so many people reach out on socials. I don’t read everything – if you do you’ll go crazy – but when I would look, people would ask ‘Is he not going to put any of the songs from Idol out? I couldn’t do a lot of songs, but that one seemed to come up the most. It’s a fun song to sing, but it’s a hard song to sing.”

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