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Courtney Graf is Sparking 'Fumes' with Newest Solo Release

Singer/Songwriter Courtney Graf is paving her own solo career with the release of her newest single "Fumes". The single is captivating with emotional tensions an a southern blues influences, it harkens to a time when a women were not afraid to feel their music.

"Fumes came from a very raw and real place. It was one of those songs that felt like it wrote itself. I hope to encourage and inspire the world with my music though I must say, it all comes from a place of trying to cheer myself along my own struggle. Perhaps that’s why it resonates so deeply with my sweet fans and friends. I’ve had quite a few spiritual moments with this song being performed live in various hospitals and recordings. I like to believe it was God who wrote Fumes." explains Graf.

"A series of events occurred that called for me to become a stronger and more empowered woman in 2017. I believe this was God’s way of preparing me for greater challenges and responsibility. In August a car hit me at 75mph just 2 feet from my driver’s side door, launching my front left tire 45 yards into another vehicle. Which was thankfully, only minor damage for the innocent bystander. Although my airbags unfortunately did not deploy, I only suffered slight spinal alteration. This was one of many miracles along my trying journey that allowed for me to know I’m being guided and protected; as well as carried on “Fumes”!"

Courtney is passionate about writing songs that speak to empowering ourselves, owning your story and appreciating the push-pull on the heartstrings. Courtney most recently released three songs through a duo with Lamont “Logic” Coleman called Broken Halleluyah.

"Broken Halleluyah is and will always be an amazing part of my journey. I’m grateful for the opportunity to perform with my best friend and producer, Lamont “Logic” Coleman. This is, for sure, not the end of our creating together! Lamont is also the producer of my new single “Fumes”! We simply found that our creativity individually needed further attention as we’re both so passionate about so many facets of music and creating art! In building our individual brands we’ve experienced a greater ability to envision more creative ideas for one another and show our musical support toward each other in new ways!"

Follow along on Courtney's journey as she will be releasing her music video to accompany her single "Fumes" very soon. To learn more, please visit

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