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The Buddz are Crazy Rock n Roll

Sometimes you find yourself asking, “I wonder what this band sounds like live?”

The Buddz have that covered and it’s clear that they bring the energy and slick guitar licks in and out of the studio. The Buddz video to their single “Crazy” captures the crunchy guitars, melodic harmonies and stealth aggression. Filmed during a live concert, the music video doesn’t follow a narrative, but what the camera does reveal are minute details like the vibrating bass strings and the sweat dripping from lead singer. Oh my.

The band itself sounds like a cross between Stone Temple Pilots and Dream Theater. Their dramatic vocals cover many sound landscapes – something many bands would take the short cut in only using electronics to fill the gap. The Buddz do this seamlessly and “Crazy” surprisingly, has melody and depth. It’s pure rock and roll.

“Crazy” is from The Buddz full-length album, Burn Down. The album is produced by Grammy-nominated producer Dave Fortman (Godsmack, Slipknot, Simple Plan and more) and is available now. "This album represents everything we are as a band; a spark ready to ignite burning down everything around it. We will make our mark!" - The Buddz

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