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Rylie Bourne releases Untrue

Behind the big body of her Gibson acoustic, Illinois native Rylie Bourne can often be seen playing dive bars and the occasional stage performance such as the CMA fest, but those stage performances may become more of a regularity for the 23 year old after she releases a sure hit "Untrue."

"Untrue" is a very traditional, yet modern tune that Bourne will release on May 11th. The lyrics in this song describe a fearless woman that is a little rough around the edges and gives you a sense of being criminal. This will be her second single she released along with "Shoot to Kill" which revealed a very raw edition of herself that received great feedback from her fans.

Just from listening to both of these singles alone, you can tell that Bourne is very intelligent and musically gifted. Part of this can be contributed to Segue 61, a mentor based music industry immersion program in Nashville, which Bourne graduated from. She did not prefer the traditional college classroom setting and didn't even think that being a music major could even be an option for her until she learned of the hands-on approach of Segue 61. While there, she also met good friend and fellow musician Damon Atkins, who she now performs duos with very often.

Rylie Bourne is a sure sign that traditional country music is still alive and well in Music City. Her modern twist will be appealing to many young fans who will learn about her in the near future. I chatted with Rylie and she gave us some insight into her single and working with Damon Atkins. Rylie has a great work ethic and spirit, this is a young lady willing to pay her dues in order to get her music out there to the masses.

MUC: The last few years have been very busy for you, from recording your debut album to performing at CMA fest. How have these experiences allowed you to become a better artist?

RILEY: Yeah you could say that! The process of recording my first record was like a dream. I was put in a room with these A-list musicians and pretty much forced to rise to the occasion. I remember being so nervous and questioning all of my lyrics and melodies. Thankfully, I've come into my own as an artist (three years later) and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play some amazing places. But, I think playing CMA Fest and then turning around and playing a pizza place keeps you humble. It's taught me to treat every show equally and put my heart and soul into the music. This town constantly challenges me and makes me more determined to stand out.

MUC: Being a graduate of Segue 61, what makes you more prepared for the music industry opposed to someone who took the traditional college route?

RILEY: Most definitely the hands-on experience. I knew if I majored in music in college that it would become more of a chore than a passion. But with Segue, I was able to learn from the people who are actually working in music every day. The good and the bad. I learned so much about different mics, charting, touring, songwriting, publishing, and was able to try my hand at producing. Segue made me want to be a more well-rounded musician and opened my eyes to some realities of the industry. I made lifelong connections during the program, including a duo partner!

MUC: Based on your bio, it sounds like you grew up on a lot of bluegrass and outlaw country. Do you want to resemble that sound or do you plan on creating your own sound that may have a modern twist to it?

RYLIE: Yes, I did! My dad plays Bluegrass music and loves Outlaw Country. I used to sing along to Alison Krauss & Union Station in my carseat. That sound definitely reveals itself in some of my songs, and I'm glad. It's part of who I am. But, I've changed a little bit since 2015. Right now I want my songs to rock a little more than they have in the past. I guess you could say I am putting my own spin on things.

MUC: What's it like singing alongside Damon Atkins?

RYLIE: We have a lot of fun. Luckily we get along really well and have a similar sense of humor. We both have different influences and experiences that we bring to the table and we're not afraid to be honest about what sounds good or what doesn't. We just respect each other musically and have the same goals. He's basically the brother I never had.

MUC: What inspired your most recent single "Untrue?"

RYLIE: A relationship from the past. Which is pretty unlike me, honestly. I don't usually tend to open up about that kind of stuff because I feel like it's been done before. But I was in a situation in which I could feel myself changing as a person, and not for the good. We were both unhappy and I was doing and saying things that I wouldn't normally. I no longer felt true to myself... inspiring the title "Untrue."

MUC: If I were to go through your music playlist right now, what would be some of the artists in that playlist and do you try to emulate some of those famous artists in your own music?

RYLIE: Oh jeez! It really just depends on my mood. Lately I've been on a Ray Wylie Hubbard kick. I have this one playlist I made called "Get Together" and it has some of my favorite songs from artists like Tyler Childers, Dire Straits, Ashley Monroe, and Waylon Jennings. I think they're all so badass and definitely have made an impact on my songwriting (and life) the last few years.

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