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ELOVAY Can Say Anything They Want

Known for their catchy choruses and riffs, Elovay are back with a new EP - set to release in Spring of 2018. The indie surf-rock quartet teamed up with Grammy nominated producer Billy Mohler (Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Awolnation, Macy Gray, Liz Phair) to record the new five track EP at his studio in Venice Beach. A fitting location for the conception of the record, bursting with sun soaked beachy California twang that truly captures the essence of the band's west coast environment.

With the first single "Sort It Out" being picked up by Spotify's "Fresh Finds" playlist within days of it's release and video currently on rotation on MTV in Australia & New Zealand, Elovay are firing on all cylinders playing shows and festivals from now until the end of the year in Southern California and up the west coast.

We had the pleasure of talking with Xavier (Lead Singer) and here is what he had to say about the new single "Say Anything" and his life with ELOVAY.

MUC: First and foremost where did you get your band name?

Well, the name actually means Los Angeles. So LA, The "L" of "A" = Elovay. I was fresh to LA from Melbourne, Australia and just blown away by the city. All of our band members at the time were from different parts of the US and we all came together in the city, so that name just really resonated with us.

MUC: Do you write your songs? If so do you write as a group?

Yes it's definitely a group thing. I generally come up with a song idea, maybe the verse and chorus chords, a few riffs and an idea for the melody and then bring it to the band.. a process which I like the call the "band blender." They are actually phenomenal at just taking an idea and running with it and that's where we really put our sound stamp on it. Arrangements, tones, intro's, outro's, harmonies, backing vocals - all happens in that first session. Pretty amazing feeling to bring in a half baked idea and walk out an hour later with a song completely fleshed out and ready to go.

MUC: Say Anything is a catchy tune. What inspired this tune?

Well, as the lyrics suggest, a good old fashioned heart wrenching break up! I know, I know, a song bout heart ache? Wild and original concept. The person on the other end of this breakup had cut off communication and gone completely quiet in the midst of things, and I wrote this song at 4am on my bedroom floor with a glass of whiskey out of pure frustration. I usually take a long time to write songs but this one happened in one hit. The lyrical content was very personal at the time and I actually just went off and recorded it by myself with the producer because I was kind of embarrassed to show anyone. It was just a way for me to vent and I never really intended on releasing it. The band guys eventually heard it, liked it and it ended up being the second single off our new EP. MUC: Pre-Gig Rituals?

Generally if we can grab dinner or hang out a bit before a show, you know it's going to be a good one. We've done our fair share of the mad rush load in and set up shows and you're so frazzled by the time the curtains go up it's takes a few songs before you settle in and find your groove. So, dinner, a few relaxed drinks before a show is our secret to a face melting performance! MUC: Name three of your musical influences.

We are all pretty different in our musical tastes, but a couple influences that really pour out of us (unintentionally) in our music that people often comment on would have to be The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths and Jimi Hendrix. All bands we love so we ain't complaining! MUC: What are your 2018 goals as we come to the half way point of the year.

We are really excited to just blast this new EP out and get it out into the world. We worked really hard on it, love it and will be damn proud to slide it in front of people and say "hey, this is our EP, if you don't love it then you're f%ckin' crazy". Bold statement? I stand by it 100%. Aside from that we have one more music video shoot ahead of us for our track "Extra Unmotivated", then a slew of shows over the summer to support the new EP.. can't wait!!

- Xavier Brinkman (singer)

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