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Holander Provides a Modern Perspective on Party Culture with 'Something Real'

Los Angeles native, Holander tackles the struggles facing the current generation with straight to the point lyrics with her new confessional electro-pop single "Something Real".

Her third and most recent single, "Something Real", is a song by today's generation, for today's generation, and about today's generation. She takes on the persona of a typical party girl observing the craziness of a party with groovy melodies hovering in the background, Holander observes the inner struggle with the people around her.

"My song is my comment on hookup culture and party culture. It’s set on a crazy weekend night. I wanted to talk from the perspective of a party girl but then reveal the truth about what’s actually going on," expresses Holander. "For example, in the second verse I introduce a character that I hook up with but say that we’re “disregard[ing] who we really are,” and then I get rid of him by the end of the verse. I wanted to show the superficial and fleeting nature of drugs and alcohol and the things people do to make themselves feel alive."

Growing up the daughter of New York musicians, Holander lived in a home full of music and instruments. Her early years consisted attending performing art schools and playing music with her sister.

"I’ve played and written music my whole life, but my primary focus growing up was acting. I was brought up on classic rock and was kind of against anything electronic. About a year and a half ago, I discovered electro-pop music, and it felt like a calling. I had to make more of this music. I fell in love with the genre and how much you could move and grow as an artist in it, and really say something but in a familiar and palatable setting. I’ve dedicated everything to it. So, in some ways I’m a newcomer, but in some ways, I’ve been doing it my whole life."

Holander performed for many festivals including the Women Fuck Shit Up Fest back in February 2018. To keep updated on Holander's tour schedule, visit

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