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Joe Hess and The Wandering Cowboys are love song lovers

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, front man and lead vocalist Joe Hess grew up listening to bands such as Motley Crue and Metallica, two bands that were taking the world by storm at the time. It wasn’t until he was junior in high school when he realized that even he had a hillbilly bone. He was forced to listen to country radio all day long while taking a building trades class and before long, he was wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots. He has not looked back since being bit by the country bug and even created a country band of his own; Joe Hess and The Wandering Cowboys.

This group travels all over Indiana with their new song “Who Don’t Love a Love Song.” For country music, love songs are a very important focal point and this song simply states that everyone, no matter the age or where you’re from, can appreciate a quality country love song and this track is no exception. Their music video for the new hit has over 4,000 views and shows lots of love and dancing by couples of all ages.

Hess and his band’s motto is “Country Music Done Right” and it’s no secret that this song certainly represents that true country sound that is unique from any other genre. You can follow the band’s journey on Instagram @joe_hess_and_wandering_cowboys and on Twitter @joehesscountry

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