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Tuesday Tunes Interview: Caleb Lee Hutchinson on his American Idol Journey

Could you describe what the audition process was like for you?

The audition process for me consisted of a lot of waiting in lines, but I got to meet a lot of great people and the experience was all worth the wait without question! I was also really nervous, but the excitement of being there and auditioning gave me the perfect mix of nerves and adrenaline to give it my all.

What was your audition song?

My audition song was, "If It Hadn't Been For Love," by the SteelDrivers.

Tell me a little bit about your family back home in Dallas, GA. Do they support your singing?

My family have stuck by me and supported me from the very beginning. They believed in me when even I had a hard time believing in myself which has been a blessing.

Every year as there's a new season, there are dozens more "Idol" contestants trying to get record deals and trying to become famous. How do you make yourself sound different from them and stand out?

My goal has been the same since the beginning which is to be myself and sing songs that reflect who I am as an artist. I think I'm a pretty unique person so I hope that lets me stand out amongst everyone else.

Speaking of sound, a lot of your fans are drawn to your unique sound and voice. How did you harness that?

I have been singing my whole life and gigging for about five years now, so I've managed to develop my sound and voice over the years from different experiences. Other than that I try to get inspiration from all the people I look up to while remaining myself.

Do you have a have a favorite contestant from past Idols?

I love Carrie Underwood and Phillip Phillips among others.

What type of advice would you give someone that wants to try out of Idol?

I say if you want to make it in music you have to throw all the darts at the board that you can and hope one of them sticks. So enjoy the experience however far you may get and overall, always be yourself.

Any thoughts of moving to Nashville after the show?

I would love to move to Nashville if that door opened for me.

Finally, what is your ultimate goal and what would it mean to you to win American Idol?

My ultimate goal is to make my music and have an audience of people who would care to listen both from an album and in concert. Winning American Idol would give me the biggest chance to follow my dream that I have ever had.

Thanks Caleb! Catch him on American Idol and follow on social media!

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