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Review: Northstate is looking at YOU

Just by looking at country-rock duo Northstate (Mark Kiser and Brent Lain), you can tell that they were influenced by both country and rock performers. Kiser can often be seen wearing a variety of denim and t-shirts, while Kiser rocks out while donning a Z.Z. Top style beard. Their loud sound can be heard ‘Lookin’ at You,’ the lead single of their new EP which is shows a lot of truth and is pure throughout.

This very projectable track is radio ready and is about the inability to look away from your lover even when distractions may arise. While being energetic and upbeat, it still speaks a lot of truth about true love and loyalty, something that all relationships require to last. Their lyrics and presentation of the song makes it dynamic. Some could perceive it as a love anthem while others could dance and consider it a feel-good song.

This group is one of the more natural sounding and experienced duo that is on the rise. They remind me of a fellow country-duo Brothers Osborne, who they had the chance to open for recently. Northstate will soon be known by most of the country music world in the near future.

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