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Review: Mason Lively - Lonely Comes Back Around

Since performing in Texas bars at the age of 15, Mason Lively has loved country music and with his parent’s encouragement, decided to make a career out of it. The 20 year old released his first EP titled “Living Large in a Small Town” back in 2014, and it was a stepping stone for his first full length album “Stronger Ties” which was released earlier this month. Lively displayed heart and soul in every song featured on this album, including his first radio single ‘Lonely Comes Back Around.’

‘Lonely Comes Back Around’ is one of the last songs that Lively wrote right before going into the studio to record his new album and it was an instant hit between his friends and his producers. The blend of the Texas and Americana sound that you hear in this track is something that Lively is very proud of. His use of the harmonica in this particular song reminds me of a song that fellow country singer Chris Janson would record.

Lively’s hard work and pure passion for country music is what sets him above the rest and the Texas native knows how to pour his heart and soul out in all of his songs. His red dirt country sound will be heard all over Texas later this spring and all summer while touring. He already has over 20 dates booked and you can expect his new single to be on the setlist.

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