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Review: Lorraine Jordan is True Grass

For Lorraine Jordan and band Carolina Road, it is vital to save Country Music’s long-established sound that is being lost in the bright lights of Nashville today. Their traditional bluegrass sound which includes rejuvenating vocals and smooth blending vocals are doing just that and much more. The group’s last album Country Grass was a huge success, featuring some of classic country’s biggest stars and was even spotlighted on Rolling Stone. They’re hoping their new single ‘True Grass’ has the same type of reaction.

This single is set to be on the band’s upcoming album that will be dropping later this year, and it pays tribute to the founders of the genre who ultimately commercialized country music. The lyrics speak of how the sound of new age country music is straying from the traditional sounds that it once was and this is something that Jordan and the rest of the band are trying to prevent from happening.

This song will be heard all over the country, as they will be traveling to country rooted states like Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri. Whether you like the new sound of country music or want it to remain how it’s always been, country fanatics have to appreciate the history and emotion that Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road are preserving through songs like ‘True Grass.’

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