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Review: Lume "Loss Leader"

“Loss Leader” from Chicago rock trio, Lume, triggers enough emotions to unleash a revolution. It’s not hard to compare the vocals and guitar swells in this song to Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” but something about its cadence hints at The Rolling Stones “Paint It, Black.”

This deliciously grungy selection from Lume’s recent release, Wrung Out, calls listeners’ attention to the current political climate. That mood, that vibe of only hearing one side of a story, or surrounding yourself with people who share political views, says vocalist and guitarist Dan Butler, is one reason for Loss’ emergence. As a listener, I didn’t necessarily feel this oppressive political stance, but rather, a racing percussion chasing down Butler’s calm delivery. My foot didn’t stop its tapping. The percussion hits you like a gut punch…the vocals and guitar riffs seem to thread themselves cautiously around the drum’s lead.

Near the end of the song, a tidal wave of riffs extravagantly screams; it’s as if the world collectively screamed at the same time. Some might call this song melancholy and dark, but I’d like to think of it as the start of something big. It’s a win, not a loss, for Lume.

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