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Review: Carrie Underwood Makes Us Cry Pretty Tears

By now, everyone who loves country music knows who Carrie Underwood is. She burst onto the scene by winning season 4 of American Idol, and the rest is history. What happened to the country star in November was something she was not prepared for. Underwood suffered from a broken wrist and a facial injury that required 40-50 stitches when she fell outside her home. This was the first time Underwood took an extended amount of time off during her career and she’s now ready to get back on her feet with her latest single ‘Cry Pretty.’

This is the first single she has released to radio since 2016 and it’s a song that speaks not only to her listeners, but to herself. The emotional rollercoaster that Underwood has had to endure these last 5 months has definitely changed her life and one emotion that she has not been able to fake throughout this entire recovery process is sadness. The song states that you can fake any other emotion but sadness, specifically crying.

The release of this single will help with the healing process and will show her fans that she is not going to quit just because of a little adversity. Just recently, Underwood posted the first full-face selfie on Instagram since the accident, and stated that her face and wrist were both healing very nicely. This is a good sign for better days to come for one of Country Music’s goddesses. Her live performance on the AMA's last night drove home her whole point of the song which will become a legendary performance in her long resume and left us all breathless . Standing ovation was not enough, Bravo Carrie!

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