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Jackson Aide Is All LOVE

"Jackson Aide's influences ranging from folk-rock to pop-electronic with the angst of a singer-songwriter lyricist that paints a picture of a broken-hearted poet and his notebook, takes a new-age approach to crafting songs that leave the listener with a promontory dreamlike state without drowning them in over-dramatized production. Aides style: a "folk-rock-electronic-pop-art" mused artist with a wink of self-awareness that leans gently against a fashionable nod to pop culture.

The debut LP, titled L O V E, defines the relationship between lovers with the world drifting beneath their feet and the trail of disenchantment that comes with the idea of heartbreak. It mimics Tom Petty's Damn The Torpedoes during the upbeat moments, and rattles and hums a quick distinction to his idol Bob Dylan during acoustic ballads, with come-on sing-along anthemic antics that replicate the energy of a young Bruce Springsteen. Lyrically Aide paints his picture full of themes, colors, and characters which can be experienced visually within the record's artwork. Aide himself does everything in-house. The songwriting, the lyrics, the art-work, the aesthetic, this is an image he crafted for himself.

Jackson Aide's craft isn’t just a songwriter, producer, or a poet. Aide himself wants to be an artist in its purest form, the inventive genius. This type of mindset is only for gamblers, but if it runs true, Jackson Aide will be a voice of perspective that evocatively speaks for generations to come.

We chatted with Jackson and here is what he has to say!

MUC: How did you get your start in the music business?

I think the proper artistic answer for this question is, the first time I listed to a record. Music itself has inspired me to pursue a career in music. This only comes with time. Entering the music business really takes alot of patience and will. I say this because you have to look at it from a perspective that has two folds. I still can remember the first song that made me feel emotionally absent from reality, and also the first song I tried writing. Its all a process in the way of moving forward. But I have always toiled in music for some better part of my existence, and I finally felt that I wanted to start taking myself seriously. Truthfully, I started taking my art seriously and what I wanted to say even more seriously. I have been involved in music one delicate fashion or another. Being a fan, and becoming the artist is much of the process as its the only way to break through. Artists imitate and emulate until they find a voice. Sometimes as artists we never find what it is we want to say. But I think the first step in the music business is believing in yourself as the artist. The second is asking your Ego what it is your heart wants to say, and then asking yourself if it's worth saying.

MUC: Name three music influences who have impacted your current music.

This last project was driven by my romanticized idea of my idols. I have plenty. You should be able to pick apart the pieces and then place them. But if I had to answer hmmmmmm let me think.....First and foremost Bob Dylan has simply been at the front of why I sing songs. He had something to say, and its not that I am wanting to be Bob Dylan more than myself, but I feel somewhere in modern music we have lost what the artist has to "say" vs how the music makes us feel. I cant dig artists that don't have anything to say. The second would be, Ryan Adams. I think Ryan finds a way to articulate things emotionally and even more poetically that other people are thinking but can't explain with their own mind. He finds a narrative that works, and that's beautiful. The third....The 1975. This band has sorta saved modern music for me. I think they speak for themselves. I dig what they are doing. Its very romantic and Im hopeless.

MUC: Are you touring?

Currently I am in Nashville. Writing jams and dancing with life. Things are good.

Live Performance at the legendary Bluebird Cafe (Nashville)

MUC: Whats next for you?

Everything and anything. I am based out of Nashville as an independent artist. I am still promoting my debut record and will continue to do so moving forward. I am working on an acoustic EP at the moment in my bedroom. We can assume the EP will see the light of day sometime soon. Other than that I have shows booked for the next coming months around Nashville. Getting out and playing in-front of people has become one of my favorite things, especially around these parts. People gravitate to music and art, and I think the world needs more art than ever. You can expect some new material in the near future. The next project is coming together nicely. Only In Dreams.

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