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Meet Case Wooton His Record 1404 on April 20th 2018

MUC: Where did the name of the album "1404" come from?

To me, the name was a second chance. I did a lot of my maturing and writing in a room called Suite 4, which is what I ended up naming my last record. As that comes to a close, 1404 is really a second look at this time in my life.

MUC: You state in your bio you grew up listening to punk/rock from the 2000's who are some of your musical influences from that genre?

Relient K’s Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…but Three Do was the first album I bought with my own money, and it hugely impacted the way I see music. Jason Lancaster influenced me as a songwriter, and bands like All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy helped me realize that you can still be punk rock and reach a wide audience. Hearing all these bands during that time period use a fun sound to capture things that became life lessons to me is what made me want to become a part of that anxious energy.

MUC: Favorite Gig to date and why?

I played a garage show back in November to open up for Blackwood Row at their release party. That garage was packed with people, and the energy in the room was so great. Everyone was lost in the moment and still ready for the next song — that’s what it’s about. Those are the shows you leave feeling like yourself.

MUC: What can your fans expect from you after the release of the new music?

I’ll be gigging the rest of the summer, both with a full band and some intimate acoustic sets. We’re working on lining up a few shows back home in Texas and maybe out on the West Coast — we’ll see. All I know is whenever I’m not on the road, I’ll be back in the studio.

You can check out Case's last single on spotify! On April 20th Case will go LIVE on Music Update Central's facebook NOON (Central). Click Here for more information >

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