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Greg Rider Releases Debut Single, 'She Don't Matter'

Since living in Nashville, Greg Rider has submerged himself in music and grown considerably as an artist and songwriter. Greg just released his debut single, "She Don't Matter". With the catchy hook and with a beat, it's a song that will get you singing along. Greg's debut single is available on all streaming platforms.

"This song was the first song that I ever FINISHED. It means a lot to me because when I started playing out, people enjoyed it and gave me confidence in my songwriting. My music is getting stronger and I’m excited for what’s to come, but this song will always hold a special place in my heart” - Greg Rider

About Greg Rider: Music had been an influence on Greg, but he never did anything to pursue it until his 20’s, considering himself a closet singer and only picked up guitar at age 20. In time, this was to change. As he built his confidence, he began to play locally in a duo. When the duo disbanded, it was time for Greg to take his next leap of faith. He accepted a job as a Bartender in the Cayman Islands and spent his off time writing and performing at open mic opportunities. One day, he met someone who asked him what he was doing there? She said he needed to be in Nashville and not long after that, he made the move.

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