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Review: Hip Hop Artist Beekman, is In My Ride

Citing his love for his car as his inspiration behind the impressive debut “In My Ride,’ rapper Beekman rolls out an infectious tune. New to the scene and mysteriously out of nowhere, Beekman’s approach is simple, yet distinctively his. Fans of Chill Bill, Kid Cudi and even Chief Keef will dig this track. Featuring SODB & Qboy the explicit track is mesmerizing as much as it musically layered. Beekman’s vocals are strong and he switches musical gears alongside Splurge and Qboy seamlessly. It might take Goo-be-gone to get the hook out of my brain. At the three-minute mark, Beekman not only drops the beat – he elevates the song – proving that this southern rapper is in musical fast lane.

Beekman is signed to 2017 this is his first single release.

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