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Jenna Paulette Releases New Heartfelt Single, 'ILYSM'

So much of what you hear when listening to country music is the word “love.” Many of these songs that use this word have made artists famous literally overnight and I think it’s safe to say that country love songs have the power to make us feel an emotion that we didn’t even know we had. When it comes to love, everyone has their own story and everyone has their own ways of expressing it and for Jenna Paulette, her way of expressing her love story is through her new single ‘ILYSM.’

The title is an acronym for “I love you so much” and Paulette was inspired to write this song from her feelings right before she got married. This song truly describes what it’s like to be in love and Paulette’s own blend of traditional country instruments and modern pop helps paint that picture. Paulette calls her interesting sound a “New West” sound. The combination of computerized loops and the traditional sound of country music has allowed Paulette to create her own category of Country music. The young country star grew up in the city where many different types of music can be heard but also had a family ranch where she was first discovered country music.

She is no doubt a rising star in Nashville tracks like this could one day put her with the likes of so many other female artists that are taking over country music.

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