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Abigail Rose is Paving Her Path with Debut Release

Nashville based artist, Abigail Rose is creating her own musical path with the debut of her single, "The Risk". Female artist, Abigail Rose chats about the inspiration behind the debut release, Nashville shaping her career, and advice for other female artists.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You recently released your latest single, "The Risk". What's the inspiration behind the single? Oh my gosh, thank you for having me!! I write from personal experiences, and I use writing as a way to process things I’m feeling... so, I became inspired to write “the risk” when I first felt emotionally vulnerable with someone.

How did growing up in Nashville shape your sound and career? Nashville played a HUGE part in why I got into music to begin with. There’s such an amazing community of extremely successful and talented writers here. At a pretty young age, I was welcomed into writes with people who really shaped me into the writer I am today. Although Nashville is known for being the Country Music Capital, I consider it to be the music capital, since there is such a vast variety of music here. I think that’s helped me feel confident to pursue a style (pop/RnB) that might not be as common here yet, but for sure has it’s place in Nashville and is growing everyday.

What advice would you give to other female artists? A piece of advice I would really give to any artist is be as authentic and real as you possibly can. But, advice I would give to fellow female artists is to support each other - never look at another female as the competition, that can get toxic and exhausting real fast. There’s this silly notion that there can only be a few successful female artists at once, so I think for a long time, that has put females against each other. However, I can see this stigma changing in the industry, as it should! No two artists are the same, so if you do you, then you shouldn’t worry about comparing yourself to others - knocking someone else down won’t make you bigger.

What can fans expect in the future? MORE MUSIC! Getting my second single ready for release as we speak! I can’t wait to share more, since really everyone has only gotten a taste of who Abigail Rose is.

Where can our readers follow you? Everywhere!! I’m on Instagram & twitter (@theabigailrose) & Facebook (Abigail Rose Music). Reach out! Tell me what you think of “the risk”! Let’s be best friends!

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