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Kyle Daniel Breaks It Down About His Debut Release

Nashville singer/songwriter Kyle Daniel released his debut self-titled EP on March 30th. The 5-song album gives the listener a very up close and personal look at Daniel’s life over the past 2 years. Daniel states that “This five-song EP is an intimate look at my life over the past two years. From life to love, lack of love or the ability to do so, these tracks are written from raw emotions and life-changing experiences.” This EP is very relatable and has a song that will suit anyone’s situation.

The Kentucky native sounds very similar to fellow Kentuckian Chris Stapleton. Daniel’s raspy sound can be heard on the focal track ‘Hangover Town’ which pinpoints the difficulties of someone who has trouble sustaining a romantic relationship. A more upbeat song that many people will have stuck in their head is ‘Keep on Rollin’ which is an anthem about continuing to push forward and not letting the difficulties in life hold you back. Singer/songwriter Brent Cobb is also featured on this album in the song ‘Ain’t No Difference.’ Both Cobb’s and Daniel’s voices blend perfectly in this song and don’t be surprised if they release another song together in the future.

The talent that Daniel displays in this EP has the ability to get him to mainstream country radio. His outlaw sound will be very intriguing to many and he has hopes that the spotlight will shine brighter than ever on him.


MUC: What advice would you give to other aspiring country artists looking to make a career out of music?

Always be yourself, and no matter what the circumstance, persevere through all obstacles. This business is not for the faint hearted, so make sure this is what you really want to do. It will take thousands of hours of practice, years of no’s and exhausting work to hone your craft in order to get to where you ultimately want to be. Stay the course, be positive and always treat people with respect.

MUC: How would you describe your sound?

Americana Country. I really tried to let the songs speak for themselves in this EP, so I didn’t try to categorize it by genre, I just wanted it to be honest and raw. We cut it live to tape, to give a throwback feel with some fresh sounds and melodies sprinkled in.

MUC: How has this EP made you grow as an artist?

This new EP is about just that: growth. It is an inside look at the world from my eyes and my emotions over the past few years. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s flat-out heartbreaking. That is life, and I just wanted to be truthful with my writing, in hopes to spread a good message to everyone. I truly hope this record helps to be an anchor for those who need it most in their lives.

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