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Greg Rider Pens Relatable Lyrics with She Don't Matter

Some singer/songwriters know that’s what they’re going to do for a living from the moment they first pick up a guitar or write their first song, but for artist Greg Rider, he has lived the majority of his life not even considering music as a career. Before music ever came along, he wrote a book about the struggle of anxiety and depression which Rider takes very seriously. In his early 20’s, Rider was involved in a scary car accident which ultimately changed his life forever. He now lives life fearless and takes risks and he did just that when he packed his bags and moved to the Cayman Islands. While there, he was a bartender but often filled in during open-mic hours and got noticed. He then packed his bags again and moved to Nashville where he released his new single ‘She Don’t Matter.”

This track shows how much how Rider has grown since submerging himself in music. This song has an upbeat, summer feeling to it which many listeners will enjoy. Even though there’s an upbeat and happy vibe to this song, the lyrics itself speak of still having feelings for a girl that has already moved on which is gives the more of a somber feeling. No matter how you feel after listening to this, you have to admit that the song has its own uniqueness that isn’t really heard in the majority of other songs.

Greg Rider still has a long way to go, but just in his short time as an artist, he has grown tremendously and his hard work and optimism that got him to Nashville will pay off sooner rather than later.

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