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Review: Nu Blu Gives Us A Lot More Love

In the current state of the world, many issues, people and events have caused more divide in the United States perhaps since the Civil War around 150 years ago. The hostility that can be seen on the news or social media every day is something that continues to further divide this country and one thing that is remains a commonality among the American public is music. Whether you like Country or Hip Hop, music is something that can be used as therapy and country band Nu-Blu’s new single ‘A Lot More Love’ is certainly therapeutic and can relate to just about anyone.

Sang by husband and wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh, ‘A Lot More Love’ addresses lots of the world’s problems and it recognizes the amount of hate and divide that we experience daily. The song goes on to explain that the world will prevail if we all just show a little more love to each other. This song really spoke to me because not only did it spread love, it made me appreciate the fact that the country that many of us are in right now allows us to have our differences. Instead of focusing on what differences many of us may have, let’s start focusing on what we have in common, like the love of music.

Whether you’re young or old, white or black, or Democrat or Republican you can appreciate how Nu-Blu is trying to make the world a better place through their music. This song may have a country kick to it, but it can be sung by anyone from any genre because it relates to all citizens, from all different backgrounds. If this group continues to produce genuine, emotional music that everyone can relate to, they will become very popular and possibly even help the world become a little better place.

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