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Review: Natalie Stovall Revels Nothing But Truth In Release of 'Making Out in Cars'

It has often been said that networking and making connections as an artist in the music industry is the best route to fame and fortune and Tennessee native Natalie Stovall is doing just that. The young country star took part in season 13 of The Voice, she has performed at the White House, CMT named her one of the Next Women of Country, and she has even performed with fellow country artists Keith Urban and personal friend Lindsay Ell. Her new single ‘Making Out in Cars’ is a song that has the potential to be the final push she needs to make it into mainstream country radio.

‘Making Out in Cars’ is a song that is mostly about a very broken and messy situation that is yet portrayed as perfect because the girl is finally getting the love she deserves and it marks the end of a dead-end marriage that she has regretted getting into in the first place. Stovall wanted to put this out for anyone who has gone through deciding between right and wrong in a relationship and she wanted listeners to feel sorrow for both sides of this story that her emotional and truthful lyrics paint perfectly.

Her experience and natural ability has already brought Natalie Stovall this far and this is just another one of many great songs that is going to make her famous in Country music in the near future.

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