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Ground Sounds premieres Sean McVerry's feverish 'Red Light' single

Pop singer-songwriter Sean McVerry premieres his atmospheric and pounding new single "Red Light" exclusively this week via Ground Sounds.

"Musically, 'Red Light' was originally this slow, dreamy groove I made with a few old keyboards of mine. I kind of swam in it for a while in this studio, reflecting on a few ideas and concepts, eventually coming back to this moment I had riding my bike in Brooklyn," he tells Ground Sounds. "I was riding around my neighborhood and stopped for some traffic, noticing this group of hip looking folks sitting on their steps in what looked like this completely staged scene ⎯⎯ down to every outfit, casual-yet-rigid-stance and synchronized-cigarette-drag," he continues. "Easy to satirize, but then again, something most folks (including me) is guilty of ⎯⎯ which is putting on this little show for public perception. I sped the track up to match my perhaps misguided bitter energy, added a few drops of self-deprecation and recorded a bass line that ensured non-stop-head-bobbing."

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