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Exclusive Video Premier - Rob Carona, Down to the River

The single we’ve been anxiously waiting for is finally here! Rob Carona is releasing his first single “Down to the River” off of his upcoming EP along with a well-executed and entertaining video on March 30th 2018.

Rob has been keeping his fans on their toes for the release of his new single with a behind the scenes trailer video for “Down to the River.” The promo video featured a behind the scenes sneak peek of the making of the video and clips from the official music video.

I was lucky enough to be on set the day Rob filmed his video in Mt. Juliet, TN a few months ago. I attended on behalf of Music Update Central to help capture the event and share highlights with his fans through social media. He posted on Instagram showing a behind the scenes look of him in a studio jamming to his soon to be released new single “Down To The River.” Rob Carona post “What a day! Stood in freezing cold lake getting some cool shots and then off to record these studio scenes @prospectorstudios with @jbrumay @tommykratzert and Willie Curtis the videographer extraordinaire. So excited for this new project and different sound.”

From being behind the scenes first hand, I’ve been super excited for the world to hear and see Rob’s new single come to life on film. His new soulful sound is a little different from his previously released and celebrated EP - “Drive” which had a heavier country musical backdrop. This new sound shows more of Rob’s musical roots and who he is as an artist both lyrically, musically and vocally. Some of his musical influences who have inspired him throughout the years are Need to Breathe, Gavin Degraw, Keith Urban and he has worked with Brian McKnight.

The success of “Drive” led him to make the move from California to Nashville, Tennessee with encouragement from major publishing companies and his management company who wanted to support his songwriting development. He spent most of 2017 co-writing and working with other songwriters through the prestigious ASCAP GPS Program.

Rob had a vision of how he wanted to create the music video for “Down to the River” and Willie Curtis was able to take his vision and bring it to life. Part of the video was filmed in Prospector Studios, and the other half was filmed outside with Rob walking through the woods to help the viewers feel the lyrics that he and his co-writing partner Corey Lee Barker created. The scenes that show Rob walking through the woods with the sun shining down really give that us all a sense of hope which the theme of this song is. I am really impressed with the final product. I have to say that Willie Curtis did a phenomenal job making the magic happen and helping Rob direct his vision without missing a beat and celebrating the lyrics of this song.

“Down to the River is a song of redemption. It is about being washed clean of the past and experiencing a better life when you let love in. I have met many people in my life that have struggled with addiction, abuse, PTSD and sometimes the challenges that everyday life has to offer. Not being able to have the faith to see hope the struggle becomes their identity. Just like anybody else, I am no stranger to personal struggles and I am far from having it together…. but I have been “down to the river” and want to share that hope with others. "This song is an introspective and a message to those who are haunted by their past that they are not alone, and they can experience freedom and a new perspective on who they are meant to be.” -Rob Carona

The lyrics really hit my heart as I am sure they will touch yours as well. When life feels like it is falling apart, this song gives you hope that everything will be okay. That in darkness, the

light will find a way to shine through.

The lyrics have a powerful impact right out of the gate of the first verse:

Battle rages on inside, spend your life marching like a soldier

Make your stand, gun in hand but that suit of armor's rustin' up on ya

Take your bloody boots, sign the truce

Somebody should have told ya

We’ve all gone home, the war is over

This verse feels like a constant battle and/or struggle within the self, and they’re ready to head towards a new direction in their life. Then the pre-chorus and chorus come in and it’s very uplifting by giving us a sense of hope.


There's a hallelujah, callin' to ya, oh a rising tide

Floods the trenches, drowns your defenses, don't ya think it's time


Won’t you come down to the river, come down to their river with me

Come down to the river let the muddy water wash you clean

The last verse is almost like you’re burying all the struggles and leaving it in the past, because the road to recovery is right there for you to take that leap of faith.


Go on lay it down there on the ground, that bag of bones you carry on your shoulder

Leave your yesterday’s there in the grave, when ya gonna let somebody love ya

“Down to The River” will leave you with uplifted spirits. Rob Carona is delivering hope and faith to us all in 2018 with his new single and video.

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