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Review: Spencer Crandall 52 Eighty (Acoustic Mixtape)

In the era of pop country, many different voices and melodies are heard all through Nashville, including that of Spencer Crandall. His voice brings energy and emotion and his songs are very unique in their own ways and that is shown in his new acoustic mixtape, 52 Eighty. This mixtape was released on March 9th and debuted as the number one country album on iTunes above Chris Stapelton’s album “From a Room: Volume 2.”

Crandall’s mixtape offers an array of different storylines that every listener will enjoy. Crandall says that “Music is my passion…my way of dealing with life. Whether it makes you want to cry or make you wanna chug a beer, music is one of the most powerful tools we have in our lives.” He is using his platform to not only make people feel good, but to also help them go through whatever they’re going through in their own lives. Songs like You Know How to Hurt Me and I Thought We Broke Up both have a sad storyline about relationships that aren’t working out as planned. A unique love song that is on this mixtape is On My Way. Many love songs are about a couple that spends all their time together and has the convenience of seeing each other daily. Not all relationships are like that and Crandall does a great job of including his fans that may be in a long-distance relationship.

Love songs aren’t the only thing that Crandall covered in this mixtape. Songs like Nothing to Lose and ‘Til Our Feet Hurt will both make you want to get up and dance. ‘Til Our Feet Hurt is a sexy, upbeat song that will get great feedback from listeners all over the country.

Spencer Crandall is already making huge strides in a very short amount of time. He receives almost 500 new followers a day on social media and interacts with them because he wants his fans to know that he’s approachable and genuine, both things that everyone could use in today’s world. Artists like Crandall will continue to create bridges between music genres and ultimately make country music grow for the better.

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