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Jeffrey Steele, Phil Barton, Kent Blazy, Jesse Lee and More Join Round At The Listening Room on Thur

Singer/songwriter Jesse Labelle is thankful to be alive after a fiery Valentine’s Day crash in Pennsylvania where he was headed to perform at the University of Penn State Worthington Scranton. Labelle hit a patch of black ice where his car went into a tailspin across 4 lanes of traffic, landed in a group of nearby trees and immediately caught fire. Labelle barely escaped the vehicle by kicking the door open but lost his touring van, instruments, sound equipment, merchandise and countless personal items in the accident. Now his friends and fellow songwriters are pulling together to help him raise funds to replace all the things necessary to get him back on the road.

“The accident was such an eye opening experience,” says Labelle. “I am so thankful to be alive and even more thankful that my friends are coming together to help me raise money to replace all the things I need to get back on the road.”

The full lineup includes Jeffrey Steele, Kent Blazy, Clint Daniels, Phil Barton, Jesse Lee, Forest Glen, Austin Burke, Sammy Arriaga, Michael Whitworth, Jaden Michaels, John Gurney, Ava Suppelsa and Lala. Tickets are available for $10 here. All proceeds will help Labelle replace what he lost in the crash.

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