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Interview: VOILÀ Present An Inspirational Single; 'Stand Tall'

California duo, VOILÀ chat with us about their recent single 'Stand Tall', meeting each other in a music industry class at University of Southern California, and upcoming album 'Ask Me Yesterday'.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You recently released your single ‘Stand Tall’. What’s the inspiration behind the single? Stand Tall was originally born out of the perspective of a son facing the prospect of losing his father. As we were writing it, we realized it was more encompassing than that and started pulling even more from our lives. We hope it can provide hope and courage to those going through anything from bullying and divorce to depression and addiction and anything in between. Standing up to a problem is meeting it head on and acknowledging a fight, where as Standing Tall to a problem is looking above and beyond it acknowledging you are bigger than anything you could face.

You both meet each other in a University of Southern California music industry class. From the moment, what made you guys want to pursue a musical career? It’s a natural fit to make songs when we are together. We feel that in any functioning creative partnership there’s an Inputter and a Pacer. The inputter, Gus, is someone who is be able to be hands on and detail oriented and the pacer, Luke, has to look at it from the big picture and communicate ideas with the inputter. The only issue is we have all these mic stands and cables laid out around the studio and Luke with big clown feet is always having these near disaster trip ups as he paces around!

What’s the meaning behind the band name ‘VOILÀ’? The name VOILÀ comes from the fact we both loved magic growing up. It means “There you are” which, if you look at it literally, we hope can be understood as you can see yourself in us, which is the goal of any good storyteller. We believe a good communicator acts as a mirror not a megaphone.

What can fans/readers expect in the upcoming months? Our full length album, “Ask Me Yesterday” will be out in Spring! The record comes from a place of being hopelessly hopefully romantic. ....In the meantime, Luke was inspired by the Olympics and is passing the time until the album comes out by working on getting his Visa in hopes to join the Jamaican Bobsled team for the 2022 Beijing games.

MUC Random Question: What’s your favorite college memory? We used to Dj these events, and one of them had other artists performing before us. The company who was in charge of the stage built a riser for the acts to stand on. However, they made it just large enough for only one person! As we are a duo, we had to both cram on it with one leg on, one leg off. We must have looked like quite the spectacle as we both tried to single leg jump with the music and, at the same time, try not knock each other off! There’s bound to be a video of it somewhere but we have out fingers crossed it remains out of sight haha!

Where can our readers follow you at? You can follow us on instagram at @wearevoila, spotify at VOILÀ, , on twitter at @voilalive , , OR you can follow Gus around at Trader Joe’s isle 9 or wherever they keep the protein bars.

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