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Review: Debut Self-Titled EP, Avalon Kali

Folsom, California native Avalon Kali moved to Nashville in 2014 in dreams of becoming a musical sensation just as many others in Music City aspire to be. Her sound gives her the ability to bridge across multiple music genres, particularly Country and Pop. She’s already gained quite the fan base on streaming sites such as Spotify, where she has 11,000 listeners monthly. She will keep these listeners interested with her new EP.

This EP features six tracks, including her two singles Kitchen Dance Floor and Speechless. Both of these songs describe a type of love that is simple and real. Kitchen Dance Floor is a personal favorite because it is a song that describes a simple couple that don’t ask too much of each other and I think this will relate to many couples listening to this EP. Another song that will stick out to many is Country Song because of its well-written lyrics. The storyline of the song describes what other country songs are often written about and really grasps the uniqueness of what is country music.

Avalon Kali has what it takes to become a star in Nashville. Her fast-growing fan base and exposure to other artists has landed her a spot in Golf and Guitars Charity Concert on May 21st and 22nd at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento. She will be among some of country music’s best including Kane Brown, Morgan Wallen and Runaway June.

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