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Review: Sam Johnston Releases Debut Single, 'The River'

Everyone always seems to love a gritty blues sound when listening to any type of music and for Sam Johnston, a gritty, yet smooth sound comes naturally to him. The Texas native moved to Nashville in hopes of promoting his music and so far, he has done just that. The junior at Belmont University says that “Nashville is a game changer. There’s no place in the country that has a fire for music and collaboration. The amount of talent in this city is simply unparalleled.” He also goes onto say that Music City made him grow as a musician and artist faster than he could’ve ever imagined.

The 21-year old just released his first single titled The River. Johnston holds this song very close to his heart because it reflects on a time in his life where he felt lost, and where needed redemption. He says that he was redeemed in his newfound faith of God while spending his time by the Ouachita River when he was 19.

Songs like this one is one that many people can grasp onto, which will help them improve their own lives, just as Johnston did. This is just the first of many songs of his that will soon become popular in Nashville.

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