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Review: Shenandoah 'Reloaded' Album

90’s super group Shenandoah is looking to create a new wave of fans after releasing their new album “Reloaded” which features nine of their most well-known tracks and three new songs. The group was co-founded in 1984 by lead singer Marty Raybon, who left after the 1997 tour but returned in 2014 to help continue Shenandoah’s famed career. During the bands journey in the music industry, they have racked up multiple awards, five number one singles, and two certified gold albums. They’re hoping that this new album will inject a youthful, yet experienced energy into country music. They did just that.

Nine of the songs featured on this album were recorded live, and the production quality is so excellent that it seems like they are actually playing right in front of you. The traditional 90’s sound can be heard in songs like Next to You, Next to Me, and a personal favorite of mine If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too). This song in particular was a number one hit both in the U.S. and Canada in 1994 and has a great beat that anyone can dance along to. It is a timeless track.

Reminiscing is a common theme throughout much of this album which will bring back many memories for many of Shenandoah’s fans. Tracks like Moon Over Georgia, Sunday in the South and the ballad I Want to be Loved Like That all have special places in many people’s hearts.

The song that I think almost everyone who reads this article can relate to is Mama Knows. Most mothers know their children better than anyone else does and she can always tell when something is wrong. Their songs and lyrics are what makes Shenandoah so great and it’s what has made them successful for over two decades. They are truly one of the most authentic and relatable country music bands canvasing the country music scene.

Their new single Noise is also featured on this album and it is one of three newly recorded songs on this album. Raybon says that “the new music is fresh, up to date and allows us to continue where we left off.”

Shenandoah’s legacy will live on for years to come and this album will allow them to revamp their career and reach new heights. The fans have waited and as the expression goes….all good things are worth waiting for!

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