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Review: Shaniah Paige 'Last Year' EP

Heart Songs Records recording artist Shaniah Paige released a 6 track EP titled "Last Year" on February 23rd 2018.

The highlight of the EP is Mysterious Boy, which will be the track that every girl identifies with… that boy, who is he? and how can I meet him? A super sugary love song of repressed feelings of affection. Vocally, this is Shaniah’s strongest song on the EP. It best showcases her growth as an artist over the past year and should be the one that everyone pays close attention to. Lyrically, Mysterious Boy has a very pop, Radio Disney commercial appeal to it. The song itself is easily relatable to anyone who might be experiencing a crush on a Mysterious Boy or girl and the corresponding video available on VEVO and Youtube is equally adorable and was directed by esteemed Disney Director Nayip Ramos.

The second track we listened to titled "Alice in Wonderland" is the total opposite of Mysterious Boy in the way that is a dark (But in a fun way) in terms of competing and winning at love. You’re Not Tall Like You Think, Drink The Poison So You’ll Shrink is the best line in the entire song. It can be interpreted a couple different ways. It can speak to the competing girls false sense of height, or an over exaggeration of her own role in the relationship.

Another stand out track on the EP is "Stay". A very different sound for Shaniah but with the pop inspired with driving percussion beats that complement the lyrics and Shaniah’s vocal delivery. Stay is staying on our playlist. The track was mixed by David Ruby, Franklin, TN.

Most of the EP was superbly produced at the award winning Beaird Music Group Studios in Nashville, TN and is the culmination of Shaniah’ own hard work and determination to stand out among her peers. It is worth mentioning that she also has earned multiple award nominations from the Hollywood in Music Media Awards and several showcase appearances at CMA Fest in Nashville, TN.

Last Year EP Track list:

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