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Fremont-Mills Varsity Choir Shines Bright with Branson Debut

The Fremont-Mills choir left small-town Tabor, IA to hit the road for a performance tour this past weekend in Branson, MO. Under the direction of D.J. Erkenbrack, they performed at the Kings Castle Theater; opening for Broadway: The Greatest Hits and Dublin's Irish Tenors with the Celtic Ladies.

Fremont-Mills Choir | D.J. Erkenbrack | Lori Erkenbrack

Finding your voice and letting it shine is true talent and this choir has raised the bar very high for other artists. This local celebrity choir left their mark on Branson, MO. They performed inspirational pieces like Stand In the Light (Jordan Smith), This Is Me (Greatest Showman), You Will Be Found (Dear Evan Hansen), and Say Something (Pentatonix Version).

This small town is known for the star athletes, however the town of Tabor, IA is certainly making their 'voices' be heard on a more elaborate regional level. Throughout the performance, the choir showcases emotional solos from various students, celebrating the tradition of a fine tuned choir. If you didn't know, CEO/Founder of Music Update Central, Trevor Perkins, is apart of this small town choir.

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