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Review: Single by Tactus - Glass Atlas

Formed in 2011, Canadian Progressive Metal band Tactus released their first album titled Bending Light in 2016, and has since been nominated for Loud Recording Of The Year at the 2018 East Coast Music Awards. Their newest project a single titled Glass Atlas released back in January of this year and is also entirely produced by every member of the group.

At first listen to intro pulls you in totally unaware of the aural assault in which you are about to be treated to. Vocally there is a bold contrast between the soft and almost hypnotic start of the track, and then like a cold blooded killer out of nowhere there comes the low and primitive growling that has arisen from the primordial ooze to grab you by the face to say LISTEN TO ME!! The contrast makes the single a well-produced piece of work. Instrumentally, this track is amazing from start to finish all elements blend well with one another and do a damn fine job at not overpowering one another. The collaborative production effort of the group really showcases a band that is continuing to evolve and this single is one that should be in everyone’s playlist.

Overall, Tactus is a band that should be closely watched as they continue to strive to take Progressive Metal to new and uncharted territory. Vocally, Instrumentally, and Production all come together well to form the perfect trifecta titled Glass Atlas.

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