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Review: The Band Steele - Moon in a Mason Jar Album

The Band Steele “Moon in a Mason Jar” -Album

Lifelong friends Bo Steele and Ben Rubino released their first full-length album “Moon in a Mason Jar” back in October of 2017, and since it has received praise from country fans across America. The two do not believe in barriers between music genres and that is seen in this album. The mixture between rock and roll, pop, and modern country is prevalent throughout the songs, making this group’s sound uniquely recognizable.

Songs like “Tan Lines,” “Good Times,” and “Swimmin’ in the Sipsey” are all summer anthems that many will have on their playlist all summer long. “Moon in a Mason Jar” could also be considered with the songs just mentioned because of its upbeat tempo and unique lyrics that are associated to having a good time with friends. This particular song is related to an iconic symbol of the South, Moonshine. They wanted to include moonshine not only in the title of the album, but in this song because it defines who they are and where they come from.

A song that has become a viral sensation is “Sit Awhile.” This song has become a tribute to military families across the country because of its heartfelt lyrics that are about appreciating the memories. This song reminds me of Miranda Lambert’s 2009 song “The House That Built Me.” Both have the “if these walls could talk” storyline. The band’s single “195” is also on this album and it is certainly different from the other songs on this album due to the fact that this is more of a ‘what could have been’ song instead of a feel-good song. Within the first minute of this song, you can tell that is was written with feeling and emotion.

The rock sound that helps define this group is heard in both “Mr. Friday Feel Right” as well as my personal favorite “Red Moon River.” Country music has the reputation of singing about outlaws that like to raise hell and are a little rough around the edges and “Red Moon River” definitely expresses those same qualities.

The Band Steele hopes to continue their success from 2017, where they opened for Hunter Hayes and famed 90’s group Diamond Rio. Their hard work and creativity will boost themselves above the other new and upcoming artists and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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