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Interview: Indie On the Way to the Top; Future Rivals

Future Rivals talk about their recent single 'Live Like We're Dying', inspration/message about upcoming single, and the formation of the band.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You released your single ‘Live Like We're Dying’. What’s the inspiration/story behind the single? The inspiration of this song was to be an anthem to anyone who wants to let all their doubters/haters know that ‘We’re going to be somebody someday and We’re going to live like we're dying trying to prove them all wrong.’

How did the formation of Future Rivals happen? (skybourne: lead singer/writer/band member):: short answer is officially 2 years ago but I met Rob (Robert Williams: lead guitar/writer/producer/other band member) at age 19 (2011) whenever he produce my solo ep and as the years passed we developed a close friendship and an uncanny writing/songwriting relationship and decided we should absolutely be a band together and make a difference in the world writing the most authentic songs we possibly can.

What can fans expect in the future? New single/Music Video ‘On The Fence’ coming this APRIL :)

MUC Random Question: What’s your favorite memory in Nashville? Probably the first day of officially being moved into Nashville. Realizing we’re doing something completely crazy leaving our hometown to chase a dream and not knowing what's going to happen in all of it. Quite an exciting feeling.

Where can our readers follow you at?w

Insta: @futurerivals

Twitter: future_rivals

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