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Interview: To Performing in Nashville to South Korea; Meet Ayla Brown

Not all artists get to perform the National Aunthem in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, however, singer/songwriter Ayla Brown did just that. Ayla chats with us about performing the national anthem, her single 'Label' and American Idol.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You’re gearing up to perform at the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea. How does this feel for you? What can viewers expect? I am so excited to be representing my country at the Olympics in South Korea! Listeners inside the arena, from all over the world, will be able to hear me sing some of my songs, and possibly a cover song or two. My time is limited on the stage at the hockey games, so I am going to take advantage of every minute!

You’re single ‘Label’ provides readers/listeners with a great anthem. What was the inspiration behind the song? I love how the song ended up being one about a relationship. It didn’t start out that way when Erik Halbig and I started writing it. At first it was going to be a song about drinking, and I’m glad it turned into something totally different. Now it’s a song about being in the friend zone, and wondering when and if the guy ever wants to put a label on the relationship.

You were a finalist on American Idol. What did you learn from the show that you still carry with you today? I have learned that it’s up to you to make every opportunity after the show is over. Just because you’re on a show like Idol doesn’t mean that people are going to remember you or buy your records. You have to spend lots of time post-elimination making sure that your name and music is out there for the world to see. Don’t wait too long to release new music after the show too, because of you wait too long it will be a disadvantage.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? A lot of traveling from me! I am trying to take my music to different countries. After Korea I am planning on going to New Zealand, and when I come back I pretty much immediately start performing in the states. I’m looking forward to it!

MUC Random Question: What’s your favorite olympic sport and why? So far its team figure skating and half pipe snowboarding.

Where can our readers follow you at? All socials!! And please follow and listen on Spotify or Apple Music. I’m trying to get my streams up and the more people who hear the songs on that platform the better!

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