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Review: 'Rust in Peace' by Taylor Phillips (Single)

Between you and that old truck of yours, there's a special bond. Singer/Songwriter, Taylor Phillips debuts his first single, 'Rust In Peace', with a lyrical haze filled with memories, feelings, and miles that you'll instantly fall in love with.

Taylor Phillips started his songwriting career early with Luke Combs award-winning single, 'Hurricane', plus has landed numerous cuts with Kane Brown, Craig Campbell, Adam Doleac, Sam Grow, plus many more. Phillips has also co-written songs with Rhett Atkins, Chris Young, Josh Hoge, and many more of the most notable writers in Nashville.

With this release, Phillps showcases his vocal strengths and brings his voice to the table with a song he's personally penned. The Carolina roots bleed into his vocals and lyrics, as does obvious influences.

You can listen to 'Rust In Peace' on all major digital platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

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