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Interview: From Debut Single to Now; Meet DENNY

Minneapolis rising band, DENNY, breaks through the ground with debut music and showcasing their talents to the world. DENNY chat's about formation of the band, musical career, and upcoming releases!

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You guys are gearing up for the release of your new single, ‘Something Furious’. What’s the inspiration behind single? It’s about me as a teenager, having everything but still having angst. It’s two people who think it’s us-against-the-world when really they’ve got it made.

Hailing from Minneapolis, how has that shaped your musical career? Our music sounds like humid summer nights in Minnesota.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? We went 16 months or something ridiculous between our song “Bloom” and our song “Girls Like You”, so we’re going to keep that to 3 months max between songs in 2018. There might be an EP, but at the same time, everyone does EPs. We’re not convinced by the traditional paradigms of the music industry or the way artists do things, so expect some experimentation.

How did DENNY come to be? Why did you name the trio DENNY? DENNY is my dad’s nickname, he’s probably the biggest influence on my personality. It’s also become a persona for the project. DENNY has an attitude, swagger and is undeniably debonair. Sully, our drummer, and I met as freshman in college. I put up a poster looking for a bass player for my first band and his roommate called me and said “I don’t know any bassist but my roommate plays drums.” I figured that was good enough and we’ve been together since. We met Randon, our multi-instrumentalist, during the session for our song “Bloom”. He was working at the studio we were working out of. We really gelled last year tracking in LA and DENNY kind of “formed” then to me.

MUC Random Questions: What’s your best childhood memory? Baseball with my brother in the front yard.

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