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Interview: Meet Jack Berry, Your Newest Addiction

The culture of varieties of music in Nashville, TN is unreal. Discovering this badass rocker, Jack Berry, was the best thing I've came by in months. With his album 'Mean Machine', Jack chats about the inspiration behind the album, upcoming projects, and tour memories.

What's the inspiration behind the album? During the process of writing Mean Machine, there came a recurring metaphor as a boxing match between my heart and my head. These two relentless cogs in both my functioning and dis functioning grew to know one another well enough over time that the bickering became like an old married couple. So I figured I’d let them hash it out. I was just this mean machine at the mercy of my guts and gumption.

What made you move to Nashville, TN to pursue a musical career? I’ve always moved around quite a bit and when the time came again, I found out I had a cousin in Nashville and she was kind enough to let me sleep on her couch. So it was knowing one person and having a place to sleep here or knowing no one and sleeping in my car in January.

What can fans expect in twenty-eighteen? Back in the studio, back on the road mainly. Rethinking some formulas and trusting my gut and then putting out the next effort. My favorite place to be is in studio or on stage and I’ve been away from both recently in an attempt to collect what I’d like people to hear and think about. So I’m excited as hell to get back to it.

MUC Random Question: What's your most memorable moment as a musician? We were playing the House of Blues in Hollywood on Halloween a few years ago and I had hopped on top of my guitar amp during our last song. I remember looking out and seeing just a sea of people movin and groovin and I got so amped (pun intended) that I jumped off a little higher than intended and my head took a chunk of the ceiling down with me. It was right at the final drum crash and people just went nuts. I like to say I literally brought the house down.


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